Cosmetic Dentistry

Nothing is more beautiful than a healthy smile. It looks great to those around you and makes you feel good. 


From preventative care to tooth replacement: we offer the entire range of modern dentistry services to keep your teeth healthy and beautiful throughout your life. Our skilled and friendly team will ensure that you receive the best possible comprehensive care.

Tooth coloured composite fillings

Fillings can be placed as white (tooth coloured) composite fillings instead of silver metal amalgam fillings. 

You can also opt to have you previous metal fillings replaced for white composite fillings which can make a real difference to how your teeth look.


Prices range from £50-£80 per tooth, and we will match the filling to the colour of your natural teeth.


Our Tip: Think about having your teeth whitened first, then we can match the new fillings to your new whiter smile. Simple!

Veneers, Componeers and Crowns

If your teeth have very big fillings are badly worn or broken, your dentist may recommend that you require a veneer or a crown. 


A Veneer is a single piece of ceramic that is cemented onto the outside of your tooth. These are usually only for front teeth and can be used to improve their appearance. 

A Componeers is usually a one visit treatment, where a tooth coloured composite facing is cemented on to the outside of the tooth and can transform how your teeth look.


A crown is a covering made from porcelain or ceramic that fits snugly all the way around your tooth and can be used to protect and improve its appearance. These can be made for front and back teeth.


Teeth Whitening

We offer a safe, effective and simple teeth whitening treatment to give you confidence in your smile.


If you have stained, yellow or discoloured teeth we would always consider teeth whitening as the first step.


Our professional home teeth whitening kit costs £250 for upper and lower teeth and there are no drills or injections involved!


Please speak to your dentist for more information or book an appointment for a free consultation today. 


Invisalign treatment is the process of wearing a series of clear, removable aligners that gradually straighten your teeth. 

The aligners are custom made to fit your teeth and are almost invisible. Treatment times will vary for each patient, but are typically around 6 months. 

There are no brackets and wires involved and you can avoid the restrictions that come with metal braces. 


This is often carried out as part of a more complex treatment plan where you have Invisalign treatment to align your teeth followed by teeth whitening and or composite bonding to give you the perfect final result. 

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