Facial Aesthetics


Loraine and Iain have been using Botox and dermal fillers for ten years, and were amongst the first in Scotland to offer these treatments. They are also members of the Association of Scottish Aesthetic Practitioners.

We can offer morning appointments on Saturday and Sundays for our aesthetic clients.


The most well known wrinkle treatment. Safe and effective.


Mainly used for frown lines and crows feet. Prices start from £150


Lip Enhancement and Cheek definition

Dermal fillers can also be used to enhance your natural features  Lips lose volume over time and thin lips can be ageing. Teosyal KISS is specially formulated to bring back a youthful appearence to your lips. We take particular care to avoid over filling, so be reassured that your treatment will be carefully planned to give the best result.


We also lose some volume in the upper cheeks as time passes. ULTRADEEP filler will re-define the cheekbones and also give a boost to your looks.


Please have a full consultation with Loraine before treatment, as these products do not suit every skin type and facial structure.

She can be contacted direct on 07540 842751.


Prices start from £250.

Silhouette Soft

Microdermabrasion uses a stream of fine crystals to improve skin quality, reduce acne scars, pigmentation etc.

Most clients require a course of several visits for the best results. 

Prices start at £50 per session, and please see Loraine beforehand to plan your treatment.

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